Special license power stayed at 10 W. The total number of possible calls were: Provinces are then further structured in Comuni , but this is of no matter for us. They can be assigned to special-event stations several prefixes but most commony II , e. Hams living in islands i.

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With the above assignment scheme, ambiguities become easily possible when operating from a portable QTH. Return to the I0JX home page. For ham radio purposes, it may be sufficient to know that the first digit a is bound to a Region or a group of Regions. I0A were given to beacons practice now disconitinued. Preifx there were not many first-lot suffixes available for new assignments, they got a brilliant idea on how to overcome this problem:

How to call Italy from the USA or from Canada:

Italian calls with a three-letter suffix: IS0 island mainlandIM0 smaller islands. With the above assignment ptefix, ambiguities become easily possible when operating from a portable QTH. prefux

prefix calling

The prefix plus the suffix forms the callsign. They are still today being issued to new hams. Note that the island of Sicilia is a Region called Sicilia; the same applies to the island of Sardegna.

Similarly to the callihg digit of the zip-code, the Italian ham-radio call-area 0 to 9 indicates a Region of a group of Regions, as shown below: This is the list of the ad-hoc prefixes: Believe it or not, the fee has remained constant for about 54 years.


Italy Country Code 39 Country Code IT

All that said, what follows is for those who wish to more precisely understand the rationale? They can be either old or new calls, as they were issued between and in strict alphabetical order, and are now no longer issued as, after the liberalization, all new hams get the IZ prefix.

For such special licenses they used a completely different suffixes assignment criterion: Please note that the Orefix bases in Antarctica use the prefi prefix IA0. This concludes our historical review. Click here to see a table in which preefix is a mapping of codes to Province chief towns.

So we expect that no special licence will be issued any longer, and they will then cease assigning IW calls to new hams, who can now directly get a full license call. Beacon calls were assigned by our league ARI.

Local Calling Guide

They are now discussing whether to assign such short calls for contest operations. The assignment criterion was: For the special licenseswhich only use prefix IWeach Region has its own lot of suffixes to callling, according to the following rule: In all cases the call-area criterion is respected. A bit callinf history first Special license power stayed at 10 W.

prefix calling

The call-area is part of the prefix. Since the beginning of legal ham radio late 40iesand up to yearthe allowed power for a full license was bound to the paid annual fee, i. Italian calls with a two-letter suffix: The IW call prerix can either keep it ccalling exchange it callingg an IZ call.


Local calling guide: NPA-NXX search

After no such calls were issued any longer there is no calling call program in Italy After the death of IB0JN of Ventotene island, no calls of this type exist any longer. They can be assigned to special-event stations several prefixes, but most commony IIe.

It should be noted that IK -series calls were never given to new hams in Sicilia, Sardegna, other islands or special-statute Regions; as a matter of fact they were still getting assigned the original ad-hoc prefixes IT9IS0IB0etc. In preefix such problem will never show up, because in year they decided that special license owners have the same operating priviledges as the full license owner.

This fact explains why some very old amateurs, who were callimg timely in renewing their license, lost their call and had to apply for a new call of the IK prsfix. Please note that Region Basilicata is also named Lucania.

prefix calling

Each Region comprises one or more Provinces. By the above assignment scheme one prefis easily recognize the stations counting for DXCC country “Sardinia” i.